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PFE: conception of plugins for web pages correction to respect the standards of accessibility
The end of study project is an individual project which takes place 2 days a week for 1 academic year. My project took place in the team Handicap and New Technologies ( HaNT) of the computer science laboratory.

The persons partially-sighted and visually handicapped use technical helps such as Braille keyboards or the speech synthesis to navigate on internet. If we want this navigation possible and effective, it is necessary that pages available on internet are created in compliance with Web Content Acces- sibility Guidelines (WCAG). The tool created during this PFE is a treatment platform for the webmasters. The objective of this application is to add plugins by specifications of the WCAG to help the webmaster to correct these web pages. The goal of this project is to continue the creation of plugins, which was started by Antoine Blais, by taking into account the priority of everyone, from the analyses of the errors of accessibility tested on a base of web sites.

School: Polytech'Tours
Period: 2008 - 2009
Location: Tours
Languages: Java
Applications: NetBeans