1vs1 game
Network game
Unix project: graphic interface of a chess game
Creation of a chess game on a Unix system (Ubuntu) in C ++ with the framework Qt.

The goal of this Unix project, is to learn and control the system and network programming of an Unix environment. The subject is the creation of a graphic interface for a chess game. It requires the development of a chess motor using chess basic rules and advanced rules. Three kind of games are available : local, network, or artificial intelligence (GNU Chess). The tools we use for the development of this game are Qt, a graphic library, C++, a programming language, QDevelop, an integrated development environment (IDE) and QDesigner for the creation of games windows.

School: Polytech'Tours
Period: 2007 - 2008
Location: Tours
Languages: C++
Libraries: Qt
Applications: QDevelop
Colleagues: Florent Renault