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Algo/C project: visualization of complex data in 3D
Project in binomial consisted of 2 parts, a first part of algorithmics research and a second about the application of the algorithms in C.

It's about algorithm and C language project in which one wants to conceive software of conversion Excel to X3D. Starting from a file XML (whose extension is .xml) given by the user after export to sorter Excel (.xls), this software must generate a file with the format .x3d. This file will allow posting in 3D of the data which it contains using an existing plugin.

The algorithm part details the requirements expected in the software, the structures used to conceive it and the main algorithms which will allow the conversion

This first part enabled us to understand the importance of the communication between the customer and the developer in order to meet the customer’s requirements as well as the respect of deadlines.

The C language part shows the implementation of the structures and of the algorithms as well as the HMI with which the user will do his conversions.

This second part enabled us to comprehend the importance of a charge book structured and detailed and on the feasibility of requirements.

School: Polytech'Tours
Period: 2006 - 2007
Location: Tours
Languages: C++, XML, X3D
Applications: Visual Studio 2005
Colleagues: Pierre Tanguy