L-System plant
PIP2 project: graphic interpretation of L-System grammar
2nd year of school preparation project in binomial on an IT subject. Creation of a plant growing in 3D with the help of L-System fractales and the Ogre3D engine.

This short approach of the graphic rendering engine programming like Ogre, intended for the growth of a plant, has provided us a good knowledge, on one hand by the 3D engine programming on C++, in other hand, knowledge about L-system grammar. L-system is a fractal model invented by Aristid Lindenmayer allowing the representation of plants. To sum up our work, it's the adaptation of this L-system grammar to the graphic rendering engine Ogre, to obtain a vision in three dimensions about growth of a plant. The program reads a text file, with all L-system information about the growth of a plant, it applies all L-system rules to the axiom as often as there are iterations, and from a simple cylinder, we feign growth of a plant in Ogre.

School: Polytech'Tours
Period: 2005 - 2006
Location: Tours
Languages: C++
Libraries: Ogre3D
Colleagues: Florent Renault