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PIP1 project: Introduction to computing vision
1st year of school preparation project on the computing vision. A simple approach to form recognition in computer science.

This first approach to artificial vision has provided us good knowledge in the treatment process of a picture. To sum up, we have seen that a well-done picture recognition requires a previous analysis. Indeed, the most important information has to be selected, in order to apply a filter which will simplify the algorithm's work. The first stage is the correction of the picture's defects, like the brightness or the contrast. Here comes the segmentation stage. We can differentiate three different filters. The most useful is the threshold, fast and simple. To get the contour we'll use the "contour" filter. The last one is the area separation which isn’t very accurate but keeps the color information. In the end we can see the different applications of the artificial vision, for example in the industry, or in the char recognition.

School: Polytech'Tours
Period: 2005 - 2006
Location: Tours
Colleagues: Florent Renault