Demonstration video of the project
Armature - Blender
Bernardo - BLender
Bones - Blender
Elf - Blender
Path track - Ogre3D
Torch - Blender
Screenshot scene
Virtual Reality Project: making a fortress siege
Team project: (8 people) for the option “virtual reality” of my last year.

Objective: creating a scene with a 3D engine by using the various techniques of virtual reality saw during courses

Our choice: Helm's deep of the Lord of the rings.

Name of the project: Great Orc Helm's Deep Assault (GOHDASS)

Very interesting project in team which allowed us to organize our work through sub-groups. I have personally worked on the ground and its texture, the sky, the 3D models and their export in Ogre3D. I was also responsible of the administration part (SVN, wiki).

School: Polytech'Tours
Languages: C++
Libraries: Ogre3D, openAL
Applications: Visual Studio 2008, Blender
Colleagues: Florent Renault, Emilie Graziana, Guillaume Tazé, Xiaoyu Gao, Valérian Moulin Ollagnier, Pierre Tanguy