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Freelance developer
Since april 2013, I'm a freelance developer working from home on C++/Qt and Android technologies.

I offer projects' implementation through missions in C++ (using the Qt Framework) or Android (Java). From Writing a specification through an idea or estimating work through an existing specification, I realize the entire life cycle of a project: feasibility study, requirements, system design, code implementation, project tests, integration and maintenance. I'm also available for part of a project such as the preliminary study and the choice of technologies for a software creation.

I provide my expert skills in the recruitment of C++/Qt developers conducting technical discussions specific to Qt and a detailed report on the technical profile of the candidate.

I provide also adapted Qt formation for small group of people, teaching technical and practical content from 3 to 5 days.


  • DSBrowser
  • IMMA
  • Partouche Technologies
  • Firezoo
  • Hinnoya
Company: JC-Technologies
Period: April 2013 - Today
Location: France
Languages: C++, QML, Java
Libraries: Qt 5, Qt Quick 2, Android
Applications: Qt Creator, Eclipse