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From april 2012 to november 2013, I was the book director of a publication in French about Qt 5. This volume was written by six authors and my aim is to manage this project by collaborating with them on the content, giving them my expertise and caring about the coherence and consistency of the book.

Released end of 2012, Qt 5 is a new step for cross-plateform programming.

Build based on the framework, this book is organised by theme module. The first one will include:

  • New of Qt 5
  • Basics elements to start with Qt
  • Qt Quick
  • QGraphicsView
  • Qt Creator

The book was released in november 2013 and contains about 670 pages.

Company: Editor D-BookeR
Period: April 2012 - November 2013
Location: France
Languages: C++, QML
Libraries: Qt 5, Qt Quick 2
Applications: Qt Creator