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I completed a 3 months and a half internship in Joobisoft company. Creation of advanced components for Joomla ! CMS. Development in PHP / MySQL using the joobi library (API).

This internship took place in Joobisoft Solutions Limited, a software company based in Galway, Ireland, from June 16th 2008 to September 19th 2008. This internship was intended to improve and support a Web application (jCommunity), mainly using PHP. This component, which runs on websites using Joomla ! Content Management System (CMS), aims at creating communities, and managing users and contacts on a website.

The different steps for the project were:
  1. Finding software improvements, and establishing a list of functionalities.
  2. Finding a suitable design for these improvements and developing them.
  3. Testing the entire component, including the installation process at the user’s.
Company: Joobisoft
Period: June - September 2008
Location: Galway, Ireland
Languages: PHP, MySQL
Libraries: Joomla
Applications: Eclipse, phpMyAdmin, SVN
Colleagues: Benjamin Caubere