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Intern engineer
I completed a 3 months and 3 weeks internship in SII company, in Rennes. Portability of an application (geolocation of Wifi hotspot) from PC to Macintosh / Linux operating systems. Development in C++ with the Qt framework.

This internship took place in SII Rennes, a service company in computer science, from June 15th 2009 to September 25th 2009. This internship dealt with portability problematics, and more particularly with porting a Windows plugin created with MFC to a cross-platform one, available on Windows and Mac OS.

The different steps of the project were:
  1. Analyzing porting problems.
  2. Developing the plugin for Windows and Mac OS with Qt according to an engineer process.
  3. Writing a study about problems I encountered to capitalize on this skill.
Company: SII Rennes
Period: June - September 2009
Location: Rennes
Languages: C++
Libraries: Qt
Applications: Visual Studio 2005, Hudson
Colleagues: Antoine Dupont