Team project: (8 people) for the option “virtual reality” of my last year.
The end of study project is an individual project which takes place 2 days a week for 1 academic year. My project took place in the team Handicap and New Technologies ( HaNT) of the computer science laboratory.
Creation of a chess game on a Unix system (Ubuntu) in C ++ with the framework Qt.
Project of forms recognition in binomial in association with the CHU of Tours to make an application for surgeons to determine if a patient suffering from carotid stenosis must be operated or not.
Project of language oriented object having for objective to put into practice the notions seen during courses. It's a question here of restructuring an existing project so that it adapts correctly the notions of LOO.
Project in groups of two on the use of the DotNet technologies whose subject was the creation of a CD library.
Project of virtual reality in binomial with for objective to realize a 3D scene by using Java and JMonkey.
Project elaborated in groups of two joining the robotic course with for objective to create a simulation in Java from an algorithm of charges balancing.
This AD project in binomial had the goal to realize a PCA in different informers to determine the correlations which exist between them.
Project in binomial consisted of 2 parts, a first part of algorithmics research and a second about the application of the algorithms in C.
Database project in binomial whose objective was: the realization of an application for a personal wine library..
This project of exploitation systems is about analysis and set up of fvpat webdev server.
Assembler's project in which each group of TP in binomial created a multi-tasks kernel by making a wrapper for DOS.
2nd year of school preparation project in binomial on an IT subject. Creation of a plant growing in 3D with the help of L-System fractales and the Ogre3D engine.
Application of the technologies of Web seen in TP with a small project of web site created in binomial.
1st year of school preparation project on the computing vision. A simple approach to form recognition in computer science.
1st year of school preparation project on the way of balancing an AVL tree in algorithm with the language Pascal as practical use.