I passed the Advanced Widget UI and Qualified in C++ with Qt certifications during Qt Dev Days 2010 in Munich as well as Qt Essential 1.0 certification during Qt Dev Days 2009 in Munich.
3-month training allowing the acquisition of skills in the field of the companies’ administration. It allowed me to have a double skill giving me the possibility in the future to be able to create my own company.
3-year training in a school of engineering in computer science (programming, algorithm, database, network, system administration...). During the last year, I chose the option "virtual reality" and I elaborated a final project study about web accessibility.
2 years of integrated preparation in the School of engineering Polytech'Tours. The courses taken correspond to a 3-year degree in Science and Technology, and several projects in the school.
High school graduation in science, option: biology at the high school Marcelin Berthelot in Châtellerault.