Letter of recommandation
Diploma of MAE
Master 2 – Company Management (EPU)
3-month training allowing the acquisition of skills in the field of the companies’ administration. It allowed me to have a double skill giving me the possibility in the future to be able to create my own company.

The Master's degree Company Management offers the students of Polytech'Tours the possibility of developing a double-skill profile. It enables them to obtain a complementary diploma to their engineer's training to prepare them directly for the responsibilities of supervision, team and companies management. Double skill, faster integration on the job market and the extension of outlets on the job market are three assets of this Master's degree.

The Master's degree Company Management (MAE) has to bring the engineers of Polytech' Tours, specialists in a field, to possess a double skill in technology and in management. More and more companies look for this type of profile. It allows opening up their organization, which is too often organized in sections, to have a wider vision and a better knowledge of the global functioning of the company. People with different skills like engineers-managers and experts in marketing or in finance are then capable of communicating better and of working together.

Obtaining the mention: Good

School: IAE Tours
Period: October - December 2009
Location: Tours